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Capax by Mitzy

Letter Preservation

Letter Preservation

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This flower letter preservation is customized to your liking! This can include small flowers, rose petals, a wristband from the hospital visit of the birth of your child, the possibility are endless! this is a 4x4 Please read the instructions, I will be taking orders as following:

1) Chose letter and leave in the note section

2) Please include what you would like for me to do. What colors, if you are wanting flowers, flakes, lights, etc. (some will require extra costs, chose accordingly) If you have your own flowers, put that in the notes. Only add flowers if you need me to provide them, those will be extra charge. Flake, glitter, color is a free add on. Just leave in the note section what you want! 

3) Turnaround time will be 2.5 weeks. It can be sooner BUT I am putting 2.5 weeks to give me enough time/ if we need to meet or you need to mail things in that you want inside the letter. 

4) I'm going to just be taking 3 orders at a time & then it'll mark as "Sold Out" Once I am done with those 3 orders, I will be updating this and take another 3 orders. 

5) Before you place an order, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of my page or email me with ANY questions. You can also contact me via IG or FB.

Thank you for your support & don't hesitate to reach out to me! 

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